The Different Types Of Family Law Issues

Contrary to popular belief, there are several types of law and the attorney used in different cases will specialize in specific sectors of the legal field. Family law is one of these specialist areas and is a branch dealing with cases involving domestic disputes. Experienced family law attorneys have in-depth knowledge of how family law operates like the attorneys from I tried them, so they can represent their clients effectively in family court. However, there are various types of cases that can be tried and an attorney must be knowledgeable in all of these areas. This article will provide information on the types of family law issues a person could face.

1. Divorce

Image result for domestic violenceWhen a married couple decide to dissolve their marriage, there are specific issues that need to be resolved. Firstly, they must arrive at an agreement regarding the separation of assets and any existing debts. If children are involved, they must decide who receives custody or if joint custody will be held. When divorcing couples are unable to reach agreements, they can file their case at family court. The statutes of family law provide regulations regarding asset distribution, child custody, and spousal support.

2. Child Custody

As is mentioned above, child custody needs to be considered when dealing with family disputes. This is often a contentious issue among divorcing couples, and if the couple is not able to decide on custody they will need the court to intervene. Family courts dealing with child custody cases consider different factors when making a final decision on who will gain custody, such as the child’s needs, the parent’s income, the living environment, and the parent’s mental health and physical abilities.

3. Adoption

Family law presents with various adoption regulations, and these regulations are included in cases to ensure an adopted child’s best interests. When an individual or couple wish to adopt a child, they will need to comply with the set legal regulations. Adopting a child can be fulfilling in the end, but it requires lengthy administration in the beginning that can result in several delays. To comply with the various guidelines and complete paperwork effectively, it is always recommended that an individual or couple consider hiring family attorneys.

4. Protection Orders

In cases of domestic violence, a victim who feels threatened and has concerns that the aggressor will physically harm them has the right to file a petition at family court. The court will view the petition and, dependent on the circumstances; can place a restraining order on the aggressor. The restraining order can be either permanent or temporary based on the factors considered to gain the order. Restraining orders operate in that they limit a person’s contact with another, typically an aggressor with a victim. If the restrained individual violates the order, they can be arrested by the court of law.

Final Words

As can be seen, there are various types of cases that family courts will hear. The family cases can be complicated and will take years to resolve; however, this does not mean you should not pursue them. By using the information above, you can determine if contacting a family lawyer is the best option for your needs.